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WRGE Radio

LIFE Legacy Ocala, Inc.

415 NE 41st Ave

Ocala, FL  34470

phone: (352) 387-7764

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"As program director of a Christian radio station, I can attest that it is not always easy to find good talk programming. Often you will hear audio simply taken from a pulpit sermon or from a TV program. That doesn't work for radio as it is a very intimate one on one medium.

I discovered the LIFE on the EDGE series when it was on DVD with many references to "look at your screen" and how to mark a Bible to give a Bible study. Not exactly appropriate for a radio audience. With some audio editing however, you now have the finished engaging audio Bible study in a classroom with student participation and interesting teachers.


We thank Pastor Scott Moore, Pastor Phillip Sizemore and Eleida Feliciano for their cooperation in making LIFE on the EDGE: The Radio Bible Study possible. Although the Lay Institute for Evangelism is no longer conducting classes, it is our wish that these Bible studies will live on through this radio series and bring people closer to Jesus." 

Jeff Borger

program director

WRGE Radio

Ocala, FL

a service of LIFE Legacy Ocala, Inc.

LIFE on the Edge: The Radio Bible Study uses source material originally produced by LIFE, The Lay Institute for Evangelism. 

LIFE on the Edge: The Radio Bible Study was edited by LIFE Legacy Ocala, Inc, a 501c3 non profit organization for the simple non profit purpose of helping people study their Bible more effectively.

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